Ivan Blackmoore

Ivan fell in with Cruikshank's flock shortly after its inception and kept to himself beyond earning his keep. He said that he was a poet if pressed, but never seemed to have much of a passion for language. Or for speaking at all. The unofficial story among the gypsies was that he was a disgraced former soldier. Whatever the case might have been, he proved himself capable of keeping animals and brigands away at night and was tolerant of whatever dogma as long as he wasn't expected to contribute to it.

After the troupe’s (unwilling) assimilation into Dornie, he carved out a niche for himself burning midnight oil in Duncan's Militia. There he kept to himself and was usually courteous — if rarely conversational — maintaining a decent (and uninformed) reputation until he executed Marcus Rowntree at an annual labor celebration.

He was last sighted riding into the outlying forest beyond Dornie's jurisdiction.


Full Name: Ivan Blackmoore (alias: Algernon Fogg)
Age: 45
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Status: Dashing
Occupation: Mercenary
Origin: Blackmoore
Allegiance: Blackmoore

First Seen: Perambulations
Last Seen: N/A

Taller than he looks like he should be at 6'2" — and less important — Ivan is a lean gentleman with flinty hazel eyes and austere bearing. The severe arch of his brows is echoed in the terse slope of his jaw and the point of his nose, profile hard-edged overall. Not from around here. He appears to be in his mid-to-late forties, with a growling voice and a receded hairline that a recent trim and back-swept style fail to flatter. He's going a bit bald in back as well.

The scars that cross his hands are as much evidence of his disposition as they are of his age and there's a comfortable arrogance to the way he holds himself that doesn't quite mesh with his dubious standing in Dornie.

He has a scuffed old bowler hat that he used to wear often and favors high collars, dark suits and long coats.


  • John Blackmoore † - Father
  • Samantha Blackmoore - Mother
  • Eve Blackmoore † - Wife
  • David Blackmoore † - Son
  • Robert Blackmoore † - Brother
  • Sarah Blackmoore † - Sister
  • Elizabeth Blackmoore † - Sister

Portrayed by: Hugo Weaving



Ivan is intelligent, reserved, arrogant, upright and largely disinterested in bullshit. Firm self-control allows him patience enough to tolerate people and living situations he'd rather not, but he does not like having his time wasted.

He is outwardly defined by apathy in allegiance, religion and most other cultural respects, save as an observer of human behavior. He can give and follow orders and does not flinch from violence or tedium, as long as it's a means to an end. Or if the price is right.

A decent (if rigid and occasionally irritable) companion and effective sidekick, he is self-assured in his abilities, difficult to spook and protective of people he has been tasked to protect. His sense of humor is dry and usually at the expense of others; he can be charismatic and even charming, when he tries. Other times his flat affect and disinterest in small talk make engaging him in conversation challenging at best.

Likes: nice clothes, nice bars, well-bred animals and his hat. Dislikes: attitude problems, fully automatic weapons and people who pry.

He has, on rare occasions, demonstrated an unsettling capacity for intolerance, unkindness and wrath that he endeavors to harness to constructive ends. Depending upon who you ask, he could be considered to be successful. Most of the time.



The grass does not appear afraid;

I often wonder he

Can stand so close and look so bold

At what is dread to me.

Ivan's fiery-eyed familiar is rarely seen and even less commonly seen in his presence, regardless of the form he takes. Old scars under his neck and across his left flank are consistent enough for him to be positively identified from shape to shape. His name is Forge.

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