Akira Hightower

Akira can be described in many ways: particular, reserved, refined, efficient, calculating, and cold, to name a few. In a word: controlling. She admires order and logic; there is nothing she abhors more than a mystery, except perhaps a person with a meandering soul. Those who do not see the world as she does are mentally written off as unpredictable fools who are slaves to their whims. Of course, she always wears a polite veneer, whatever her thoughts.


Full Name: Akira Hightower
Age: 19
Hair: Fiery (red and gold)
Eyes: Topaz

Status: Alive
Occupation: Perfumer
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Independent

First Seen: The Pitch
Last Seen: None

A fair, smooth complexion is the canvas for her topaz eyes, which are set in a frame of auburn lashes and topped with elegantly arched brows. Her nose is straight and proportional to the rest of her fine-boned features, balanced nicely by plump, pale pink lips and a gently curved jawline.

Fiery-hued tresses have been arranged into several slim braids on top, tied back and woven with a myriad of common white flowers. The rest of her hair falls in waves and large, soft curls to her hips. The look is a mixture of elegance and delicacy.

Her shape is clearly feminine, although the curves are no greater than average. It is the proud way she lifts her chin and the confidence in her gait which lends the appearance of a height greater than her actual 5'6". This air about her often has people mistaking her for a young woman in her mid-twenties, rather than one just shy of two decades of age.


  • William Hightower - grandfather
  • Eirwen Hightower † - grandmother
  • Dylan Hightower - father
  • Aileen Hightower (nee Boyd) - mother
  • brothers and sisters, although she is the eldest girl
  • Leonard Hightower - uncle
  • Dierdre MacLean - aunt (ex-aunt?)
  • Muriel Hightower-Hardie - cousin
  • Samuel Hardie - cousin

Portrayed by: Simone Simons


Dylan Hightower has always had high hopes and ambitious dreams. A self-made merchant of a large, if often overlooked, family, he did his best to instill that same drive into his children. His eldest daughter, Akira (Scottish for "anchor"), picked up on this keenly at an early age, seeming naturally inclined toward reaching higher at all times.

The world has to make sense in order for her to accept it; any aspects which are unpredictable or inexplicable are rejected as undesirable. Imagine her shock and chagrin upon noticing that the natural world seemed to react whenever she becomes extremely upset, angry, sad, etc. All animals within a one-mile-radius, specifically, seem to share her state. Wolves may howl, bears may growl, rodents may begin attacking. Because she abhors what she discovered was called Wild Magic, Akira has attempted to hide, ignore, and repress it.

With such unrefined raw power, the creatures tend to be as dangerous to her as to others and even themselves. Realizing this has forced her to learn to control her emotions even more than she normally would, a valuable skill that can also be her worst enemy.

However, no matter how much she wishes to pretend she is not a mage, her familiar seems to always manage to be nearby. Generally taking the form of a lynx, he slinks about the town at night if she does not go into the city where he can be near her. The fact that she feels an innate comfort around him only heightens her self-loathing once she reminds herself of the reason for this connection.

Each of Dylan's children was expected to learn to craft something for their father to sell in order to cut down on costs and increase his profit margins.

Akira chose perfuming not because of its frilly nature, but because it caters to a higher class of ladies — the kinds who have the resources to barter for frivolities while the rest of society is barely scraping by. She knew at a young age that she wanted to be a woman of means and that would require plenty of items to trade as well as a sound, smart marriage match.

Recognizing much of himself in his daughter, Dylan was more than happy to spare little expense on her education. This included many practical matters, such as bookkeeping, business, and history, but also more worldly matters, such as literature, culture, and fine arts whenever possible. Their joint goal was to make her as eligible a prospect as possible to one of the two powerhouses in Dornie, thereby earning prestige and greater contracts for them both.

Always in competition with others, Dylan saw his chance to start putting his oldest girl in the minds of important men when Luna Owens disgraced herself and her family. With Akira coming into her own, he wishes to secure an arranged marriage for her to Peter Rowntree.

Akira is seeing her hard work come to fruition and longs for the chance to show her skills. Despite her intended being several years her junior, too much of a dreamer, and immature, by her standards, she will not speak a word against the match and will do all she can to mold him into a real man who can take the reigns of Clan Rowntree one day… by force, if necessary.


Akira wields beauty, propriety, and good breeding with the same skill and intent as a seasoned warrior with his weapon of choice. With a polite word, she can cut someone down; conversely, with the right phrase spoken before the right person, she can set someone up as a puppet. Never has she had need to physically strike anybody, finding the tongue to be a far more effective means of dispatching an enemy or competition.

The only things in life with value to her are those which can be controlled, including members of her own family. Nothing can be fully controlled unless it is understood. For this reason, she highly values education, whether or not it is of a traditional nature. Should she find her emotions taking over, she need only delve into the reason for feeling those particular ways at that moment to be able to negate them.

A love/hate relationship.
As such, the only time she is truly unable to soothe her frustration or anger is when they result from a situation or person behaving in a way she does not understand. These are the times most dangerous to Akira, for that is when her Wild Magic affects nearby animals. She has long since learned to distance herself from emotionally-charged people, specifically to avoid this trigger that may well reveal her terrible secret ability.It is lawless, reckless, unpredictable… wild, as its name states: everything she despises.

Akira is shrewd, ambitious, and calculating; as cold as she is intelligent, many would say. She knows it is a dog-eat-dog world out there and she has every intention of being a bull mastiff, not a chihuahua.


Akira's refusal to acknowledge her magical ability makes it all the more dangerous. While her controlling nature has greatly helped, in the sense that she can usually keep her emotions in check, it means when she does lose control, there is nothing to stop the worst from occurring.

In its current state, her ability with Wild Magic, triggered only by extreme emotion, causes all the animals within a one-mile radius to become strongly empathetic; they feel her emotion as keenly as though it were their own and react accordingly. Because she has not refined it at all, she has absolutely no control over what the animals will do. They may howl, cry, run away in fear, or grow aggressive; the last is the most worrisome, as they may turn on one another, on the target of Akira's anger, or on Akira herself. Her familiar has fended off more than one house rodent mad with rage gunning for the girl.

Should she ever properly train, she will eventually be able to manipulate the emotions of animals (the closer they are, the more predictable the results) as well as specify targets for their feelings. That, however, would take years to perfect, even under expert tutelage.

Akira has never accepted her familiar's name, as part of her denying this wild aspect of herself, both literally and figuratively. He usually takes the form of a lynx, prompting the girl to occasionally call it Jinx under her breath. of course, she does not believe in jinxes and mutters this only out of frustration at what he represents.

Being her familiar, he feels her emotions acutely than other animals. However, due to being a familiar (for all have this choice), he can recognize when the ability is triggered and can, therefore, fight against its effects if he so desires. Conversely, when he chooses to give in to the overwhelming urge, it affects him far more completely than any other.