Adler Ross

Adler Ross, patriarch of the Ross Clan, inherited Dornie's hydroelectric power plant after the death of his father from Alzheimer's disease when Adler was in his mid-twenties. Since then, he has focused not only on increasing the plant's efficiency, but researching other forms of power that he might be able to harness, including the transformation of wind and solar power into electricity, and has had some limited success with small-scale experiments. He is currently working on obtaining the resources to go further with it.

Much of the Ross Clan's power and wealth comes from the lead-acid batteries Adler partnered with the Rowntree Ammunitions Factory to produce, though it is his son, Edgar, and his daughter-in-law Goneril, who negotiate their sale through merchants. Several years ago, he was diagnosed with the same disease that killed his father, and would have needed to turn the entire operation over to his son if his wife, Dina, was not an accomplished mage with the ability to halt the disease's progression. He is very much under her thumb, and suspects that, during the treatment of his dementia, Dina discovered he had a one-time affair with Helena Rowntree which produced a son. She has not yet confronted him about it.

Unable to act as Duncan's father, the only gift Adler has ever been able to give his second son is working (but primitive) radio equipment for his militia.


Full Name: Adler Ross
Age: 63
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Blue

Status: Alive, suffering from dementia
Occupation: Hydroplant Owner
Origin: Dornie, Scotland
Allegiance: Clan Ross

First Seen: N/A
Last Seen: N/A



Portrayed by: Charles Dance