Caledonian Forest
Deep within the Caledonian Forest.

Dark and dense with foliage and pinewood, this forest is the source of many a myth and legend and holds an air of mystery for even some of the more jaded locals. Truly wild and uncultivated, trees tangle with one another at their roots and above head in their quest to reach the sky.

The pines dominate the forest, growing straight and tall with its umbrella-like branches stretching out overhead, juxtaposing with the more gnarled branches of oak trees. Birch, rowan and aspen can be found here, too. So thick is the canopy overhead that in places the sky can barely be seen; in others, sunlight trickles down like glitter, dappling the forests below. Primroses, bluebells and violets carpet the forest floor in summer months.

Ospreys make their nests frequently on the tallest of the pines, while red squirrels can be found gathering the acorns of the oak. The forest is never still nor quiet, with the calls and song of its variety of birds, or the common, quick flash of red fur through the trees as a deer darts out of sight.