Afanc Armors


Afanc (pronounced 'avank') Armors has been providing the people of Dornie with armor for nearly a century. The business has maintained a sterling reputation for its quality, fair bartering and discounts offered to members of the militia. Whether you're looking for something as simple as vambraces or something as complex as lorica segmentata, everyone in town knows that Afanc Armors is the place to go.

History of Ownership

Samuel 'Afanc' Woosencraft was the man that built Afanc Armors, and by many accounts was the strongest and ugliest man to ever live. He was born in Wales, but always claimed Dornie to be his true home. He lived to be nearly seventy and was survived by three sons; two of which were apprenticed to him. The shop was left to his eldest (Barclay), but was passed to his youngest (Camron) due to illness two years later.

Despite many years of marriage, Camron Woosencraft had no children. He took his life after his wife succumbed to pneumonia, but not before leaving everything to his disciple Douglas Brown. Douglas was soon plagued by claims from the Woosencrafts that they were the rightful owners of the shop regardless of the will. When both parties agreed to allow a third to settle the dispute, and it was found in Brown's favor, the Woosencrafts began to claim that he had forged the document.

The following year Douglas Brown killed Brian Woosencraft in an arranged duel. Douglas married a young Woosencraft woman not long after the duel, putting an end to the dispute between the families and leading the shop to a prosperity it had not known previously. Unlike his predecessors, he did business with neighboring towns. His success allowed him to add electricity and rudimentary plumbing to Afanc Armors, but after the untimely death of his wife (twenty-five years ago) he allowed the property to slide towards a state of disrepair.

A few months ago, Douglas Brown disappeared while on a business trip outside of Dornie. After a month, most of the town presumed him dead, and his adopted son and apprentice Blake Esho became the new owner by default even though he insisted that more time be allowed to pass before such a drastic decision was made.

Moira Lachlan was accepted as the first female apprentice of the shop ever, but her apprenticeship only lasted a single day before she quit.



Once one of the most well-kept and sturdy buildings in Dornie, Afanc Armors is a shadow of its former glory. The steep, shingled roof is covered with moss, and the twin chimneys that extend from the back of it are moisture stained and cracking at the tops. The iron bars that cover the windows were once black, but have grown dark red with rust. Tan paint on the walls has peeled away to reveal the brown of aging wood once hidden. Leading from the road to the building, what used to be a rock pathway bordered by colorful flowers is now weed-infested strip that barely stands apart from the wild growth that surrounds it. An arching sign over the wide front door can no longer be read due to the mildew that coats it.

The inside of Afanc Armors is split into three sections. The front door brings one directly into the largest, which is separated from the others by a brick support wall on the right that stretches two-thirds of the way across the middle of the building. The room is dominated by a display case that parallels the leftmost wall. It is otherwise bare except a number of sconces holding candles and a hooded lamp hanging from the ceiling via chain.

The closer opening in the brick wall is mostly covered by a piece of canvas. Depicted on it in fading red paint is a demonic hybrid of badger and crocodile. On the other side is the bedroom; by far the smallest of the three rooms, and it contains little more than a small trunk and a pile of bedding.

The far opening in the support wall is uncovered. Through it is a workshop mostly bordered by sturdy workspaces. The largest table is made of stone and topped in metal; directly under a large hood leading up to twin chimneys. The rest of the tables are wooden. Each has a unique purpose with appropriate tools resting above them on nails jutting out of the walls. An anvil sits in the middle of the room.