Accidental Garbage

Title: Accidental Garbage
Time Period: October, 134 A.E.
Characters Appearing:

Summary: A misunderstanding and hurt feelings lead to bitter words and actions that two people might later regret.

Mid-afternoon is not what one would call 'peak' hours in this establishment, though the door opening and allowing in a young male isn't a rare event, by any means. Still, there's not as many women or costumers around when the doors admit someone for the second time today. This time he's still clean, though the flowery scent of the bath has worn off somewhat. Hair spikes up in wild directions, just the right length that the curl in it has gone out of control, and the wind hasn't helped.

Lingering close to the door at first, Cas toys with the long sleeves that peak out from under his worn brown leather coat. The sleeve shows gold and red in an odd design. The clothes are nothing like he'd worn the first time he ever entered a whore house, but the expression on his face is quite similar. At least he doesn't have a group of men forcing him through the door and into a seat this time.

What little sunlight let through the clouds doesn't seem to be enough. There's a kerosene lamp on in the corner where a young blond sits with a spool of thick thread and a crochet needle. The product is arranged flat on her lap, a racy item of clothing that likely none of the men in the room will ever see again.

Her eyebrow crooks when she spies the frightened man at the door and she angles her head to garner a better view. After a moment of allowing him to stay frozen in his fear, she gets up and tosses the needle and thread on the pillow she was sitting. "You look very familiar," Luna begins as she draws closer. The fact that Cas doesn't smell like a horse throws her off but it does draw her a little closer. Close enough to touch the bit of lace to his cheek, a handy barrier between his skin and her finger. "Have I allowed you to sit with me at one time or another?"

Likely, he would be quite insulted to be called frightened. But the sudden jump at being addressed wouldn't help his argument against. Brown eyes wide, Cas turns to look at the woman only to get a… lacy item pressed against his cheek. "I— " his eyes slide down to try and take in what he can see of the item, and once he sees enough, he takes a step back.

Only to bump into the wall. Trapped by lace and the woman weilding it.

"I don't— I've only been here a— I think you're mistaken— " he stumbles with an accent that sings of England. But the words cut off, head tilting to the side a bit (away from the lace). Eyes narrow a bit and forehead gains some wrinkles as he seems to be trying to recall. It has been nearly ten years, after all.

"Are you shy?" Luna giggles, finding the situation more than a little comical. Taking the initiative, she presses a little closer, keeping the strange little man trapped between herself and the wall. Generally she wouldn't be this forward but it isn't often that she's got this much power over someone, it's difficult not to lord it just a little. "Shy and not local, how thrilling. Of course you must be here to see me… there isn't anyone else that would do for someone exotic such as yourself."

Taking the man's arm, she hugs it tightly, leading him in the direction of the chair she was just sitting it. "Tell me your name? Or shall we play a game? I'm magic, you know. Well partly magic, my great gran was a selkie. Give me a clue and I'll try to guess at your name."

Getting tugged over to the chair reminds him a little too much of his first experience in a house of ill repute. Cas stumbles and falls into the chair, a hand reaching up to cover his mouth— his teeth. He hasn't done that in years, but for some reason he suddenly wants to hide them. "I'm actually here to see Mariah…" he states quietly, words a little muffled.

There's a darting around of his eyes, as if he's trying to find the woman he just named. Unfortunately, she's not going to be coming to his rescue. Anymore than he himself seems to be.

"My name is…" he hesitates. She wanted to play a game? She wants clues? After a second, it just slips out. "Cas." Apparently, he's not good at thinking of clues.

"Cas…" she repeats slowly, slipping into his lap. She shifts and places her hand against his chest, her eyes lighting up as her hand moves a little. A present. Like a child, her hand dives into his pocket and she searches until she pulls out the bangle with a large grin on her face.

"You brought a gift! Oh but you can't give this to Mariah…" the announcement is made as the piece of jewelry slides over her hand and drops onto her arm. "It's better suited for me, you can give her these," and the pair of newly fashioned underwear is replaced into his pocket instead.

Her legs kick out one at a time, feet pointed as she plays with the bangle around her wrist. "Oh this is very pretty, I think for something like this you at least deserve a kiss." Without warning, she reaches up to pull his hand away and presses her parted lips against his.


There were some inital sounds of protest, which she no doubt ignored in her mischevious streak, but what happens after their mouths touch is hardly something that can be ignored. Cas feels the click of teeth against his own, tastes a little of her breath, but then he moves. The backwards motion is so sudden that the whole chair tips backwards and slams against the floor as he stumbles to his feet and steps back.

Luckily, it doesn't break. Nor is he still in it when it goes.

Eyes wide with shock, he reaches toward the stolen gift, "That's not for you, I need that back. I don't want to give…" …underwear. Which he still holds. Which he notices. There's a flurry of motion again and he drops the underwear quickly into the table as if it were a snake or something similar. "I do remember you now, Princess, but— please I need that back."

She is busy ignoring him in favor of the titter of women around them. The scene hasn't gone unnoticed and some of the chattier of the girls have even begun to point at the blonde woman. "You won't laugh at me," Luna yells at them. Cas gets what he wants but not in the manner he might desire when she wrenches the bracelet off her wrist and throws it at him. "Take it back then! I won't have a gift from a stable boy. How did you get such fine colored clothing, I wonder… Did you steal them? Did you steal the bracelet?"

The accusation itself is more of a face saving measure, he pushed her away. No one, especially not someone of his station, pushes Luna Owens away. Grabbing the lace, she balls it up into her fist and turns away from him. A glitter of moisture at the corner of her eye is visible before she's got her back to him completely. She wipes it away with the undergarment.

The bracelet actually falls to the floorboards rather than gets caught. And likely the site of impact will leave a bruise from the sound of pain Cas makes. Of course that is forgotten pretty quickly when he realizes everything else that's happening. Bending down, he picks up the bracelet and puts it back into the coat pocket that he'd kept it in, then sets the chair up, looking around with an apologetic expression.

But he has more to apologize for than making a scene. There's… tears.

That he caused. "I'm sorry," he says, stepping after her rather than taking the chance to run away. "I— this is my only nice clothes and I like to wear them on my day off, that's all. The bracelet is a gift for someone— for helping me. I can't afford another one yet, and… Look I'm sorry. I really am. You just— I wasn't expecting…"

Folding her arms over her chest, Luna's chin takes on a haughty tilt as she looks away from Cas, repeatedly, as he steps around her. She avoids his eye contact, her blue ones glaring at anything but Cas. "Mister Blackburn, I don't care for a little bauble that you might have stolen in hopes of crawling between the sheets of a woman the likes of Mariah Larke." The fact that the brunette might be her best friend doesn't seem to have an effect on the manner in which she's spoken about.

"Take it and go, leave, she's not available right now anyway…" Luna narrows her eyes wickedly and puckers her lips together into an angry little knot. Taking in a shakey breath, she sets her jaw and shakes her head a little in defiance, like a child when it doesn't get what it wants. "She's upstairs entertaining a man."

For a moment, Cas can't help but glance up toward the stairs, but then his jaw tightens and he shakes his head. "I'm not trying to get into her bed," he says in a voice that's growing tighter, perhaps because of his own anger getting sparked.

"And I didn't steal it!" he adds with more of that anger, actually raising his voice a little. Even his neck has gone tight. He didn't defend the clothes, but he'll defend the bracelet. Something he'd spent a long time thinking about. Something he was hoping would mean something, treated like garbage.

"Oh don't fret, Mister Blackburn, I'm certain it won't be the first time she's received stolen jewelry as compensation for her… services." Luna can't seem to help herself in pressing the issue further when Cas vehemently denies the claim. Her arm strikes out and grabs up the bit of lace that he tossed aside. She smooths it out against the arm of the chair and reseats herself after picking up the needle once again.

By the way she slowly pulls at the thread and adds more embelishment, it's rather obvious that the garment may have taken some time to manufacture. But she's ignoring him now, in favor of the few rays of sun peeking between the clouds, the last bits of autumn before the cold finally sets in.

The more she insists the bracelet is stolen and meant as a gift in return for sex, the angerier he gets. Fists clench at his sides, and Cas' jaw is tighter than ever, his voice showing the strain when he talks.

"You're just jealous you missed your chance seven years ago, Princess," he says with about the most venom he could possibly ever muster. And almost as soon as he says it he seems to wish he hadn't.

If the look on his face means anything. Spinning around, he hopes she didn't see it as he stalks to the door he came in from.

"I didn't miss anything!" Luna screams after him, with about as much fire spewing from her words as poison is laced into his. She purses her lips, trying to keep the downturn from them, and gathers as much dignity as she can scrape from the floor.

She can't ignore the expression as he turns or the giggles and laughter of the other women around them.

Turning the opposite direction, the courtesan makes for the stairs, her heeled boots clumping in a very unladylike fashion. "You were the one that must've been missing something, unfortunately you've come too late. Did it really take you seven years to find Dornie from that pitiful little village you were living in? Well I won't have you, no matter how much you beg. Good bye, sir." After having the last word, she stomps up the rest of the stairs and proceeds to pound on every door, yelling for Mariah.

When he turns around to see where she disappeared to, Cas notices eyes on him. "Oh bloody— if she gets me banned from here I swear I'll…" he doesn't get the threat out. Probably because it would be an empty threat. Nothing he'd ever do. The sounds of her banging on doors and interupting costumers— and calling for Mariah. What is she going to tell the woman?

Suddenly, he worries that she'll never want to see him again, and that makes him run up the stairs after her. He chases horses occassionally, so he's not slow on his feet, even if he nearly trips once on the stairs. Horses don't run up stairs.

But when there's a wild horse the only thing to do is to grab and hold on until they realize they're not getting away with it. Which is what he tries to do with Luna, wrapping his arms around her from behind and holding on. "Will you calm down, woman?" His grip is firm, grasping his own wrist to keep it, but he's careful not to actually hurt her. The same may not be true for her.

There's an initial struggle, then Luna begins breathing very fast, too fast. Doors rattle and open when a blood curdling shriek erupts through the house. "Let go of me!! Let go!!" She's not angry, that much is obvious by the sob that she can't help. She's frightened into panic. Luna's fingernails scratch into any bit of Cas' skin she can reach, hands or arms, she wouldn't be able to say.

One of the other women, an older one who isn't wearing much for clothing, rushes from the room and attempts a grapple for the young 'lady'. "Oh, she's in a right state… She'll have to have some'a that powder she gives her clients just to calm down…" She looks toward the stairs where a few more of the ladies have crept up to watch and beckons them over. "You, take him to her room, he can carry her there. You, get some hot water for tea."

For the sake of his arms, Cas is very lucky to have a leather jacket on. Even then she's scratching it, and her nails do find his bare hands and draw blood. "Owwww," he groans against her, but does his best not to let go. There's tears in his eyes now, but he blinks them away. The ow isn't just from the claws. It's from his ears, too. "It's okay, no one's going to hurt you," he says, the tension and pain affecting what he means to come off as comforting.

This is one of the reasons he likes horses so much better than people. Horses he can understand. He doesn't understand why the woman threw the tantrum that she did.

Still he follows the instructionsand carries her to the room, rather awkwardly cause he thinks she'd break out and scratch his eyes out if he loosened his grip too much. "I was just trying to stop her from…" he tries to explain to the woman who led him, a frown on his face.

The room he's led to isn't one of the regular ones they use for entertaining. This one is decorated much as one would expect the blonde in Cas' arms to decorate a room. Framed panels of lace and fine calligraphy line the walls, along with a few crayon and chalk drawings of the room's occupant. Bottles of perfume, jewelry, and other gifts are strewn about every available surface, save the writing desk which has only a book, quill, and inkpot.

Once they're all inside, the older woman manages to get a grip on Luna's wrists, struggling with her to get her into the bed. It takes two of them to wrestle her down, after pushing Cas away, and one more to tie her wrists to keep her from scratching at the rest of them. "Sir go into that drawer, there's a packet of powder there, just dump some into her mouth when she starts screamin' again."

The threat is enough to keep Luna quiet for the moment, or at least her lips tightly clamped shut. Her thin body shudders with every hiccup or unbidden sob and she keeps her head turned away from Cas, not allowing him to look at her.

When the hot water is brought in, they pour a cup and the older woman dumps some nearby leaves in. At the very least, the older woman allows it to steep for a while before she attempts to force it down the younger woman's throat.

"I really wasn't trying to frighten her this bad," Cas says when he returns with the packet, moving up to be next to her head so he can do as instructed. When she's refusing to look at him, she misses the look of worry and regret across his face. This is why he doesn't like violence. It hurts people. Though her words had been hurting him.

"You're going to be okay, Princess. Just calm down and drink the tea that they've made for you." There's still a little pain in his voice, but now he's taking the tones he uses with a panicked horse. She went from a wild one to a panicked and abused one fairly fast in his eyes.

Cas and the older woman are left alone with Luna when the other two disappear. From the murmurs and lingering giggles in the hallway, it's clear that the blonde isn't very well liked in this place but from the look of the room, she might be something of a draw for potential customers. It's only then that the older prostitute looks down at herself, and her lack of clothing, then at him before inching off the bed and toward the door. "If you'll excuse me, she seems calm enough now and I have some business to finish… Remember what I said about the powder. You can prob'ly untie her when she gets control of herself again."

In other words, he's about to be left alone with her.

Luna still refuses to look at him, though the scent of the tea has her turning her head a little toward the side table. She struggles again, at one wrist, to try to weasel her way out of the binding but it's too tight. She doesn't ask for help.

It's funny. Cas somehow missed that the older woman wasn't clothed while he was worrying over Luna. His cheeks turn red when he does, diverting to the ceiling, the floor, anywhere but directly at the poor woman. Who is used to men looking at her, he is sure— but that doesn't mean he can't attempt to be polite.

Once he's alone with the tied up woman, he bites down on his lower lip and reaches for one of her wrists. "Stay still a minute," he says, trying to untie her. "I really am sorry I frightened you. I don't do things like that— frighten women. Not usually. You just upset me. And I was worried what you'd tell Mariah and I don't want her to stop seeing me." He's not bleeding all over her bedding, but there's still blood on his hands… for which he feels compelled to add, "Your fingernails really hurt."

For a while, Luna remains silent, staring at anything but Cas.

"She ain't me. As long as you have a coin in your pocket or something to pay her with, Mariah'll keep seein' you." It's not said unkindly or as some sort of disparaging remark against the other woman's character, just stated as a simple fact. "She's like most of them here…" she adds quietly.

Once the bindings have been removed, Luna sits up and rubs her wrists before going for the tea. She holds the cup between both palms, not drinking it at first but letting the steam pour over her face as she breathes in the aroma. "I don't like to be surprised by touch," she adds quietly, a way of explaining her behavior toward him.

"You started it," Cas responds in a totally childish manner. "With the… pushing knickers in my face and grabbing my arm and kissing me." The first time, he thinks he kissed her. That long ago it's so fuzzy but he thinks that's what happened. That's what he remembers remebering.

Standing from the bed now that she's untied, he wanders away to get further apart. "I'm sorry I grabbed you," he says, honestly. His hands will probably be sorry for some time, too. Good thing he can cover the scratches with his gloves at work. The extra long sleeves almost do it too.

"You ruined all of my work, those knicker's are much nicer than that bracelet. It took hours and hours of work to make them and you just threw them like they're garbage." Taking her first sip of the tea, Luna seems to wilt almost immediately. It doesn't seem as though she might have the strength to finish the cup but she gulps it down like a baby to mother's milk.

The fine porcelain smashes on the wooden planks when her fingers become a little too limp to keep hold of it.

"M'sorry about your hand…" the slurred apology might be the best he ever gets from the young woman, who is realizing the effects of too much of the leaves and powder in her tea. She closes her eyes but she keeps talking, apparently too worked up still from panic but too drugged to care much about it anymore. "Would you like me to kiss it better?"

"Actually I dropped them like something I shouldn't have been holding in the first place," Cas says, trying to explain his motives, but at the same time… he knows how that feels. She must have put a lot of work into it. Closing his eyes, he leans against the wall, listening to her words and also hearing the slur to them. He knows he has her at a disadvantage now, but…

With a sigh, he straightens, moving closer and reaching into his pocket to pull out the bracelet. "This wasn't going to be used to get into anyone's bed. I was helped to pick this one specifically cause I didn't want it to mean that, or to be taken to mean that. I wanted it to mean thank you. Not screw me. I suppose it can mean I'm sorry just as well," he says, putting it down on the edge of the matress with a grimace of regret.

"I'm sorry I ruined your work."